All students at Parkdale Primary School attend a 50 minute Japanese session once a week. The lessons take place in the Japanese room. A full-time Japanese teacher provides a Japanese program using varied songs, stories, games, arts and crafts. The children also participate in a whole school cultural day once a year. 






Our diversity makes Australia a great place to live. Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home.

This is the 2017 Harmony Day poster. The theme is ‘Everyone Belongs’. Japanese lessons have focused on the range of different cultural backgrounds that we have at our school. We used a political map to colour in our hand shape with the colour that represents the countries of our heritage. This poster contains the hands of every student and teacher. It symbolises the cultural diversity at Parkdale Primary School. The poster shows that we are all different but we all belong.




In Term 3, we had Japanese Day and celebrated Japanese culture all day! The students participated by dressing up and doing a costume parade. There was also a Japanese Taiko Drumming incursion, sushi lunch and Japanese class activities.


Mae, Lamees and Juliana will share their fantastic experiences of the day!


Mae: There were some great costumes on Japanese Day. We all dressed up as something related to Japanese culture. Students wore a variety of different things like Mt. Fuji, sushi rolls, soy sauce bottles, kimono girls, samurai, ninja, cherry blossom trees and Japanese tourists. We had a Japanese Day fashion parade and the best-dressed students from each year level were announced. In my opinion, Alex’s costume was the best! Her Mt. Fuji costume was very original and creative!



Lamees: We had a Taiko Drumming incursion on Japanese Day. When we first encountered the explosion of Japanese drumming, my heart was thumping with excitement! Bang, bang, bang! As soon as the performance started, I was amazed by the energy I felt. Taiko drumming is not just a music performance, it’s about the dance, Martial Arts and Music. We were very lucky to all be involved in the performance too! 



Juliana: We also had fun activities in our classroom too. Preps did Japanese drawing songs, Grade 1 made Japanese head bands, Grade 2 had a paper plane challenge, Grade 3 played tapping sumo, Grade 4 tried the great skipping challenge and Grade 5/6 tried the Japanese trivia quiz! The quiz was really interesting and fun! Some questions were very hard like ‘How tall is Mt. Fuji?’ and ‘How old is Hello Kitty?’

After our fantastic morning, we had sushi rolls for lunch and it was amazingly delicious!