Grade 1

Week 6: 

We were very pleased to see so many of our grade 1 students back at school this week after being hit with a very nasty virus during the past few weeks. Last week we were absolutely amazed by the student’s performances at the school concert. As Mrs Richard’s said; they displayed so many of our school values with their excellent behaviour and wonderful efforts during their performances – and they looked great doing it, thanks to our wonderful parent helpers!

This week we have moved onto a new CAFÉ reading focus of ‘Adjust and apply different reading rates to match text’. Within this strategy we talk about the 4 gears of reading:

-       1st gear: reading slowly to decode the words written.

-       2nd gear: we read carefully to remember and record what is written.

-       3rd gear: we read clearly and fluently.

-       4th gear: we skim through the text to identify words or information.

Please note these weekly class focusses may be different to your child’s individual reading focus. Please encourage your child to check their focus card regularly and ensure they are concentrating on their specific focus when reading at home.

Thank you to all of those students who have been so quick to send in their ‘snapshots’ of them in places around Australia – they are looking great on our class displays. During week 8 the students will be creating their own moving cars as part of ‘STEAM week’! To help with this we will be collecting small boxes/containers and empty water bottles (no egg or dairy containers please), if you have any lying around at home please send them to your child’s teacher. 


Week 4:

We have been frantically practising our concert items and cannot believe that it is less than a week away!! Please ensure all costumes are sent in to school in a labelled bag by tomorrow at the latest, ready for Monday’s dress rehearsal.

With so many bugs and viruses going around at the moment please make sure students are only sent to school if they are feeling well enough, we would hate to have some students miss out on participating in the concert!

We have continued our Australian Road trip by making our way west and into Western Australia. The students love learning about various tourist destinations in W.A. including the Bungle Bungles, The Kimberley’s, Monkey Mia, Cottesloe beach, The Pinnacles and particularly enjoyed taking selfies with the Quokkas at Rottnest Island! 

Grade 1 Team



Use adjectives, verbs and nouns to create our own cinquain poems.

Tune in to interesting words. 


Tell the time, using both analogue and digital clocks. 

Describe duration using seconds, minutes, etc.


Conduct experiments and observe physical and chemical changes.