Grade 1

Welcome to Grade 1 at Parkdale Primary School


Our English program comprises many components to foster strong growth in reading, writing and speaking and listening.


Reading – Through out each week the students participate in daily independent or buddy reading, a small group guided reading session run by an adult and are explicitly taught reading strategies as part of the CAFE reading program. These strategies aim to extend the students’ understanding of what they read, assist them to maintain accuracy while reading, work on fluency and expand their vocabulary.



Writing – The VOICES writing program is introduced to students in grade 1. The students learn about the mechanics of writing and how to write an entertaining and informative text.

Students complete texts in many genres including recounts, narratives, procedural texts, information reports and poetry. Students continue to learn about phonemes and are introduced to many spelling rules, enabling them to make plausible attempts at spelling any word they wish.



Speaking and Listening – Students are given many and varied opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills. They regularly partner share or share within small groups where they express their own ideas, listen to others and learn to take turns. Sharing in front of the whole class is done through show and tell and the sharing of homework. 



Grade 1 students participate in 5 maths lessons across a week – 1 lesson focuses specifically on problem solving strategies while the other 4 lessons cover mathematical concepts involved in number and place value, space, shape and measurement and chance and data. Many of our lessons are hands on and allow the students to manipulate materials to gain a greater understanding of concepts. Students are grouped to best cater for their needs.



Each term the grade one students explore a different theme. Our topics are science and humanities based and explore the world around us.

Grade 1 Team



Respond to questions about a text, using evidence to support our opinions.

CAFE - Use context clues and prior knowledge to infer meaning.


Investigate and describe patterns.


Observe and clasify mini beasts.