Grade 4

What’s Happening?


Week 4


Camp - A reminder to all parents that the camp balance is due by Monday 22nd May. A clothing list has been sent home this week.


Inquiry – Students should be well on their way with their Famous Indigenous Australian project. Some students have mentioned that they are finding it difficult to find the indigenous name for their person. If they are able to find all other information required that detail can be omitted.


Café – Our focus this week is Distinguishing between Fact and Opinion. You can ask your child what the difference is or ask them some facts or opinions about a particular topic.


Maths- We have started our new topic – Data, Graphs and Probability. Your child’s Math’s group teachers have been recorded in their diaries.


AR – Students are reminded to read 5 days a week and record it in their diary. They can check if their book is on the AR list through –


AR Certificates – Mia. C, Leif .S, Fletcher. J, Bryce. A, Amelia. P, Maksim. J







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