Physical Education

The PE curriculum focuses on Fundamental Motor Skills, which are the ‘building blocks’ for more complicated sport and movement related actions. Other areas covered include sports skills, basic movement, games, fitness education and athletics. Each class has a 50 minute weekly Physical Education session.



In addtion to the weekly PE class, students in years one to four have a session of sport each week. Grade 5/6 classes participate in Interschool sport.   




Every child at Parkdale Primary school attends a compulsory swimming program each year. Students from Foundation to Grade Four attend an intensive learn to swim program (Term 2) while students in years five and six particpate in a beach program (Term 1). An optional swimming squad is offered for students from Years 2-5 (Term 4) in order to prepare students for the swim team.


Bike Education
In Year 4, students participate in a 6 week Bike Education program.The course aims to teach riding skills and road safety/awareness.


School Oval  School Gym